Wilt u adverteren?

Dear students and staff!

Are you looking for an opportunity to play your musical instrument or sing your

favorite song? Are you interested in sharing your musical idea, playing/singing your

local songs, singing/playing within a group, or even discovering your musical talent

for the first time? Would you like to get some energy from music and save that for

your study and exam preparation?

Then welcome to the Radboud Music Community

This opportunity is for all national/international students and staff to get together

and have a memorable and joyful time together during the study or work at

Radboud University.

Here we are trying to bring all musicians together and make music as well as a

mixture of international styles of music from every corner of the world at the

Radboud music community. We are waiting also for those who want to step into

the music world as a player, singer, narrator, or any music-talented interest.

Please send us an email to hassan.torkladani@ru.nl with a short introduction about

your music background and what you are interested. We will inform you about the

weekly/monthly activities and gatherings. We are organizing the second gathering

and will be happy to welcome you to perform and share the music as an

international language.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Radboud Music Community

De Rozet